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MRO Workshop

According to the recent survey carried out by the Pubs Code Adjudicator, many tied pub tenants are unclear about their MRO rights under the Pubs Code Legislation.

This survey’s findings did not come as news to us at MDE Pub Consultants, as for the last few months we’ve been actively contacting tenants by phone to help spread awareness. From our own teams’ experience it’s become clear that the majority of publicans we speak with are lacking awareness, and even more worryingly many have been misinformed.

The most common misconception is that tenants believe a MRO free of tie rent will increase drastically from their current tied rent. This is a myth – in fact many rentals we’ve had independently assessed have increased by an average of only around 10-15%, and we’ve had some cases where the MRO rental has been less.

Typically we achieve reductions of around 40% from those proposed by the Pub Owning Business, so it’s vital to seek your own advice.

Of course each case needs to be considered individually, but until an expert has taken a view – do not believe anything you hear!

To help raise awareness, we have decided to launch a quarterly ‘MRO Workshop’ which should be coming to a town near you at some point in the future.

The workshops are a free event, intended to debunk some of the myths that surround MRO – and provide practical advice to anyone considering going free of tie, or close to a ‘trigger’ event. The event will be run by the team at MDE Pub Consultants, and provide an outline of the Pubs Code Legislation and the implications for your business.

There will then follow a Q&A session, where you can ask an expert any questions you may have.

We would advise any tied pub tenants to attend, and it’s also an opportunity to meet and share experiences with other local pubs.

Our next event is being held:

 Coming Soon.

If you are interested to attend, at this stage please register your interest and we will keep you posted.

Tickets are free, but if you’d like to attend please complete the short form below, as we need an idea of numbers in advance. Feel free to invite your friends or anyone that would benefit from some guidance on the Pubs Code Legislation.