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As you can see from the above the MRO process is certainly complicated.

I have tried to set out the various stages as accurately as possible to offer a useful overview.

The MRO process can take many months to conclude, and there are many considerations to weigh up along the way.

For example, just the receipt of a MRO offer can act as a powerful lever to negotiate a better deal with a POB directly outside of the complex process.

In my experience, the right conclusion is the one that works for the TPT and ultimately the business. MRO is only one part of the Pubs Code.

I believe that in time the process will improve, but I have no doubts the Pubs Code is a massive step in the right direction. I have personally achieved outcomes for my clients that would have been inconceivable beforehand, that have resulted in vastly improved profitability.

I remain committed to campaigning for improvements to the benefit of all parties – and would be delighted to assist you on your MRO journey.

For some case studies please view this page, and feel to contact me with any questions.

Written by Michael Erridge, information accurate as of 28th September 2017.