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MDE Pub Consultants was formed in April 2016 just prior to the introduction of the Pubs Code Legislation in July of the same year.

MDEPC was established with the express intention to guide Tied Pub Tenants (TPT’s) through the minefield that is this new piece of government legislation.

Since formation, Michael Erridge has guided over 100 TPT’s through this process, and achieved numerous advantageous results for his clients.

Michael Erridge, along with his small team personally meet and deal with every TPT on an individual basis, with the aim of achieving the best possible deal for each client.

As has been well publicised within the trade press, in it’s current form the Pubs Code is far from perfect – with numerous issues that will likely be resolved in the course of time as the legislation is reviewed. This means often we are required to take a pragmatic approach to ensure the best outcome in a reasonable timeframe for each individual client.

Michael Erridge remains committed to liaising regularly with the Pubs Code Adjudicator’s office (the ‘PCA’) – the governmental body responsible for dealing with any disputes arising from the Pubs Code – in order to campaign for improvements as to how the Market Rent Only (MRO) process – a key cornerstone of the Pubs Code – is carried out.

Michael Erridge is now often quoted in the trade press, and has a unique insight into all aspects of the Pubs Code given his personal level of exposure both the perspective of the Tied Pub Tenant and Pub Owning Business.

To discuss a particular case with Michael or for some advice please call his office on 0800 634 8388. Please also read the guide to the MRO process on this website for a detailed breakdown of the process.

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